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County steps up efforts to address food security

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga has flagged off the distribution of 9350 kilogrammes of sorghum seeds in a programme aimed at combating the effects of drought in the region.

This initiative is the fruit of collaboration between the Homa Bay County Government, the First Bridge Foundation, the German Technical Corporation, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO).

The seeds, which are climate-resilient, were procured for Sh6.5 million and are to be distributed to 1500 vulnerable families in 11 wards.

These families are drawn from Ruma-Kaksingri, Kaksingri-West, Gwassi North, Gwassi South, Lambwe, Gembe, Kosewe, South Kabuoch, Kanyikela, Kanyadoto, and Kwabwai wards.

Governor Wanga said these wards have been identified scientifically as the hardest hit by the recent drought, which was the reason why they were picked.

“With the help of the same communities, these beneficiaries were also scientifically identified as some of the most vulnerable within these communities,” she added.

She averred that the county is prioritising agriculture and that the only way the people of Homa Bay can get money in their pockets and food on the table is through the farm.

“I am happy that we are giving our farmers sorghum because it is one of the most climate-resilient crops and only requires two rainy seasons to be ready,” she noted.

She spoke outside the county headquarters before flagging off the consignment of seeds, where she thanked the county agriculture team together with the National Government Administration Officers for concluding the farmers’ registration programme.

Homa Bay registered a total of 245,000 farmers, with several of the prioritised value chains registering high acreages.

“Registration is the beginning of us knowing where our farmers are and what they are growing so that we can be able to support them,” noted the governor.

The programme, whose aim is to create stronger and more self-sufficient communities, is soon going to launch another distribution of animal feeds, dewormers, and vaccines to livestock farmers and a cash transfer of Sh12,000 to another 1500 vulnerable families for a period of three months.

Both the representatives of FAO and First Bridge Foundation, Dr. Bernard Kocholla and Lamech Okoth, respectively, urged the beneficiaries of the programme to put the seeds to good use by planting and nurturing them to maturity for their betterment.

“This is a programme given by the donor, and the best we can do with it is to ensure its success. Let’s work together by planting the seeds, and if you do well, then we will provide marketing for your produce,” promised Dr. Kocholla.

By Sitna Omar

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