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Homa Bay to spent Sh 24 Million in purchasing beds

Homa Bay County is one of the counties which have embarked on the purchase of single crank hospital beds in line with the presidential directive that each county should buy at least 300 beds.

On June 6 this year the president directed each county to buy beds in readiness of tackling more Covid -19 patients cases due to the surging number of the cases each day.

The president gave a period of between 20 to 30 days for the counties to comply with the directives.

Homa Bay County has so far bought 86 beds in the first phase, 10 digital blood pressure machines, 166 cellular blankets, bedside cabinets 14 pieces which will be used in the isolation centers due to the surging number of coronavirus patients across the country.

Speaking on Wednesday at his office when he was distributing the items, Homa Bay County Governor Cyprian Awiti said that the county will use Sh. 67 million in the developing and putting equipment in the identified isolation centers in the region.

The governor who was accompanied by the County Executive Committee Member in charge of health Prof Richard Muga further said that the isolation centers will be used to isolate coronavirus patients saying that the ministry of health has projected that the county will have at least 677 Corona patients by September this year.

“We will use Sh. 38 million in renovation, Sh. 24 million purchasing 300 hospital beds each coasting 80,000, ” Awiti said

The county boss further said that the isolation centers are already identified in each of the seven sub counties in the region saying that Tom mboya has a capacity of carrying 40 beds, Pala Masogo 30 beds, Nyangiela 20 beds, Ober 40 beds, Pala Koguta 30 beds and Nyagoro isolation center which has the capacity of carrying 30 beds respectively

“Ndhiwa Sub County is the largest in the region and that’s why we have two isolation centers at Malela isolation center and Pala Koguta,” the governor said.

He further said, those isolation centers will develop to good health facility when the pandemic will end.

CEC health said, two Covid -19 patient have recovered and they have been released from the isolation center saying that they are still remaining with only one patient.

By Davis Langat

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