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Homa Bay to Unite Nyanza Region through an Extravaganza

Nyanza Counties are set to unite the Luo community through a socio-cultural event dubbed ‘Piny Luo’ envisioned to ignite the spirit of productivity, resourcefulness and togetherness in the people.

The four counties of Siaya, Kisumu, Homa Bay and Migori will partake in the two-day event slated for June 30 and July 1, that will encompass different activities including cultural exhibition of traditional artefacts, folk tales, boat riding, food and medicine, sports and tourism.

“We will also have folk tales reminding us of the sojourns of our forefathers whose determination, morality, productivity and togetherness dispute existent threats during their times, made us who we are today,” Governor Gladys Wanga said.

Addressing the press today, Wanga emphasized that the extravaganza will be grand and that it is aimed at helping the Luo Community to chart their destiny.

“The event is aimed at bringing together our people through a convergence of various stakeholders within the community in the wake of the challenging socio-economic and political circumstances bedeviling the nation and the world at large,” she said.

The slogan of the event will be ‘Jaluo gi tiende’, meaning a true Luo who regarded his surroundings and society highly, caring about his neighbor and worked hard to provide for his loved ones.

“Piny Luo will remind us about the authentic and true Luo who prioritized his surroundings and community, worked hard in whatever economic activity they engaged in to ensure there was food on the table for those he cared for,” the governor said.

Wanga informed that the four governors had deliberated and agreed to lead their people back to their roots and revive the spirit of true unity, productivity and resourcefulness.

“We have been thinking about reviving because that was the epitome of a true Luo during our forefathers,” she added.

The governor urges members of the community to join in the festivity, adding, “It will surely be fun-filled, eye opening and uniting as we seek to strengthen our oneness amidst the diversity.”

By Sitna Omar

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