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Hope at Last

Residents of Kiamunyi Estate in Nakuru Town will soon be connected to piped water from the Nakuru Rural Water and Sanitation Company which has completed drilling a borehole at Njoro.
The Managing Director of the Rural Water Company, Reuben Korir said the borehole with a capacity of 32,000 cubic meters was dug at the cost of five million and their main target was the populace Kiamunyi estate.

Korir said the popularity of the estate has attracted many investors from far and wide and it was a shame that residents had invested in magnificent houses but lack the vital commodity.
“Water is not only a necessity but a protector of lives especially during this coronavirus era, when washing of hands is repeated frequently. Hygiene is paramount in the prevention of the disease,” he maintained.
He added that the water will be pumped to the area from Njoro, a distance of 17 kilometers adding they are only waiting for the County government to lay the pipes.
“Our role is to provide water but the piping connection has to be done in partnership with the county government,’’ he said.
Interviewed by KNA in his office yesterday, Korir said the villagers, a majority of them being farmers are also likely to use it for irrigating their crops.
A resident, Julius Mwaniki said there have been numerous promises of water since 1990s but to date, none has materialized and expressed hope this time round they will get the commodity courtesy of Rural Water Company.
By Veronica Bosibori

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