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Hospital converted to Covid-19 isolation facility

The five COVID-19 cases that were reported in Ruaka a week ago has made Kiambu County government to up their preparation measures for containment of the virus by converting Tigoni Level Four Hospital in Limuru to a Covid-19 Isolation facility.

Governor James Nyoro said the facility would by a week’s time be installed with medical oxygen to enable it to start admissions.

He said the move would ease pressure to Kiambu, Thika Level Five, and Gatundu Hospitals that had been set as quarantine and isolation centres with 60 beds in total.

Speaking during a Kiambu emergency funds donation kitty at Bakex Millers on Wednesday, the Governor said no case has been admitted in their facilities.

“Those five cases that were reported from a residential house in Ruara caught us unawares and got us to seriously think that maybe we are not fully prepared,” said Nyoro.

He added that the County has 16 ICU beds fully equipped with ventilators and related ICU facilities at Kijabe Hospital.

On facemasks, the Governor said they were currently making about 20,000 masks per day with a view to supplementing the available masks which were in short supply.

At the same time, Nyoro appealed for more food donation saying the County needed about 3,000 tons of food to feed vulnerable families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said 960 tons of maize flour, 600 tons of rice, another 600 tons of beans, 350 tons sugar and 400 litres of cooking oil were required for the purpose.

He said they have already mapped out the most vulnerable beneficiaries adding that distribution of the donations that they have been receiving from well-wishers would commence next week.

“The national administration officers in the County will lead in the distribution exercise to the beneficiaries. We call for more food donations as the number of the vulnerable groups in the County is high,” he said.

During the event, Bakex and Broadways Group of companies known for making Broadways bread donated Sh.25 million to fight the virus in the country.

Out of the funds, Sh.7.5 million was given to the National Coronavirus Emergency kitty, Sh.5 million to the Kiambu County Government coronavirus emergency kitty and Sh.12.5million worth of flour to be distributed to several counties across the country.

“We hope the funds and food donations will be spent well with utmost accountability,” said the Company’s CEO.

By  Muoki  Charles

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