How Kazi Mtaani Changed the Life of a Youth in Busia

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The National Hygiene Programme or Kazi Mtaani has positively impacted youths from Busia County since the programme was initiated in March last year by the president.

The local youths who were incorporated in the programme have not only managed to sustain themselves but also their dependents while initiating small economic projects which will sustain them when the project ends.

Evans Aunya, a 29-year-old is a testimony of the benefits of kazi mtaani within Busia County. Driven by passion and thirst for success, Aunya has invested every coin from Kazi Mtaani and he can proudly count the fruits.

For just Sh455 a day, he started by keeping four pigs after receiving the pay of first two weeks allowance last year March 2020. He has 15 pigs now and countless piglets within the compound. A piglet cost him Sh600 each.

“I bought every piglet at Sh600 hundred after my first month salary, and I took good care of them by feeding on leftovers and little food that I can afford,” Aunya said.

Evans Aunya feeding his pig and piglets

The first four pigs gave birth and he was lucky to get 23 piglets. Aunya took good care of the animals and now he is a serious pig farmer, “right now, I have 15 mature pigs and a number of piglets,” added Aunya.

After the sale of several pigs, he has managed to buy a cow. “Now I have a cow, and I have constructed two houses for my family,” Aunya said.

Even though he has a disability, Aunya is hard working and determined in his work. He undertakes all the assignments without any favours from the supervisor.

When Kazi mtaani programme was extended this year, Aunya decided to expand farming by introducing poultry farming and tree planting as his future project.

“I bought 20 chickens and tree seedlings that I have planted for future benefits,” said Aunya.

Despite his status, he has managed to apply for a sign language college and he is learning the skills alongside a hospitality course.

Aunya has shown gratitude to President Uhuru Kenyatta and the government for giving opportunities to the youth and considering people with disabilities in such projects.

It is his prayer that Kazi mtaani should be made permanent to benefit more youths.

He challenged people living with disability to come out and live beyond their limits, “I want to challenge anybody living with disability to speak out and compete for opportunities,” Aunya said.

By Absalom Namwalo


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