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How parents keep their children engaged during school holidays

A number of parents in Nakuru city are keeping their children busy during this long school holiday by enlisting them for training and other in-door-games at the National Library.

The trainer, Michael Makanda said such games were not only entertaining for the children but they offered ways to improve their concertation, which is a key requirement for innovation and learning.

During an interview with KNA he said the children were trained at a fee adding that most of those who took classes never left.

He noted that in-door-games such as monopoly and chase were hardly considered a learning tool until the introduction of Competence-Based-Curriculum, which is skilled based.

Makanda said the children whom he has trained excel in mathematics because they developed higher levels of concertation, which enables them to read on their own without being coaxed by parents.

He added that some in-door-games such as chase would easily be turned into professions, and those who excel earn a lot of money compared to white collar jobs.

He encouraged parents to keep their children busy to avoid negative trappings which are all over, at estates, communities and society at large.

Apart from that he said monopoly was the best training for children on financial matters since it teaches them on budgeting, paying utility bills, and above all paying taxes.

The eight weeks’ holiday was the longest school children have enjoyed since the inception of covid-19 three years ago.

The Librarian-in –Charge Purity Mutuku said they are excited because the Nakuru residents keep on encouraging their children to spend more and more time at the ultra-modern library.

Additionally, she said the access to free Wi-Fi was the major attraction for teenagers and other youths to their library, which is always full to capacity.

By Veronica Bosibori

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