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Human activity blamed for negative climatic changes

The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) Jackson Nasoore Ole Sapit has identified human activity as the main cause of negative climatic changes in the country.

Consequently, the cleric said that the negative alterations of the climate have contributed to the extinction of some animal and plant species in the country which is a worrying trend.

He further disclosed that human activities have also led to an environment that is uninhabitable for many of the species which include animals, plants, and even human beings themselves.

“The biggest contributor to these negative climatic changes is human activity. We have failed in our responsibility to give care and sustainability to the environment. Animals and plants cannot be sustained, neither can we be sustained in it,” he said on Monday at ACK Guest House Salama in Mukaa Sub-county where the Church’s faithful were marking the Anglican Green Day.

During the event, 2,000 tree seedlings were planted with the Archbishop calling on every Kenyan to participate in greening the environment by planting trees wherever they are in a bid to reverse the adverse effects of climate change.

Ole Sapit reminded Kenyans that besides food and even medicine, the clean air we breathe comes from a conducive environment that God made for man to live in hence the need to make it habitable for posterity.

“I urge Kenyans to be concerned about the future and participate in greening our environment to ensure it provides for us. Ukitunza shamba, shamba itakutunza, there is a relationship between the environment and humanity. Plants give medicine and vitamins for our bodies to be strong,” he said.

He pledged to donate 50,000 tree seedlings each to the three counties of Machakos, Makueni and Kitui to plant in a bid to ensure the climate was habitable for humanity.

While thanking the partners who assisted them with tree seedlings like Equity Bank, Ole Sapit challenged children in various schools to embrace the culture of planting trees in a bid to green the environment.

By Patrick Nyakundi

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