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Hungry girl takes own Life for Eating Family Supper

A family in Gem Sub County is in grief after their 12-year-old daughter last Wednesday evening was found hanging from a tree behind their house.

The standard five pupil, according to the residents of Nyamisi village in Ulamba sub location, allegedly committed suicide for fear of reprisal from her parents after she ate some food that had been reserved for supper.

Confirming the incident, Ulamba assistant chief, Pauline Okumu said the deceased whom she identified as Michelle Achieng reportedly sneaked into her mother’s kitchen during the day and helped herself to the food.

“It could have downed on her later that she would be punished severely for the blunder,” said the assistant chief.

She said that the body was discovered by family members who were shocked by the turn of events.

Mrs. Okumu said that investigations into the incident have been launched as the family began preparations to bury the body in conformity with county government regulations that burials be conducted within 48 hours of death due to the coronavirus outbreak.

By Philip Onyango

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