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Identify critical community needs for resource allocation, health practitioners told

The Department of Health in Nakuru has kicked off the consolidation process for the Countywide Health Sector Annual Workplan (AWP) for the Financial Year 2024/2025 with the aim of streamlining healthcare services across the County.

County Executive Committee Member for Health, Roselyn Mungai, officially opened the forum, emphasizing that the product of this exercise must go beyond a mere wish list.

“We’re here to strategically address challenges in service delivery and ensure better outcomes for Nakuru residents through this plan,” said Ms Mungai.

The Health CECM said that the department aims to build on the gains made in the previous MTEF period, by operationalisation and upgrading of facilities at all levels, implementation of Primary Health care strategic framework and strengthen Community Health Services.

This, she noted, would be achieved by expanding community units and enhancing community health volunteer programmes to enhance Preventive and Promotive health services geared towards attaining Universal Health Coverage.

“This exercise marks a joint consolidation effort that will bring together all plans from the grassroots level where community involvement through Community Health Promoters was conducted,” Ms Mungai said.

The process that started from the lower-level health facilities at the sub-county levels, will culminate in one comprehensive AWP.

Objectives include orienting participants on policy directions, aligning activities with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Governor’s Agendas, and strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders.

“We must identify health needs that have been raised from the community and allocate resources efficiently, tracking performance towards achieving strategic goals,” said Mungai.

Ms Mungai emphasised the importance of evaluating the current work plan’s performance and how the new work plan will align with the Governor’s manifesto, ensuring objectives are effectively met.

The Department of Health aims to develop a robust plan that will lead to tangible improvements in healthcare delivery by bridging the identified gaps and prioritising interventions.

Some of the sector’s objectives include equitable access to health services, improve quality and quick response to emergency services, effective and efficient service delivery, fostering of partnerships and improved funding for the health service delivery.

The Health Department has roped in other implementing partners who include USAID-Tujenge Jamii and Nutrition International among others.

According to the Nakuru Health Services Sector Report for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF 2023-2024, 2025 -2026), the Department of Health requires additional allocation of resources in order to meet its goals.

Its overall goals include reduced inequalities in health care services, sustain high standards of service delivery at all health facilities, foster partnerships and improve financing of the health care systems.

Health indicators were developed and will be monitored on a regular basis through implementation of the County Annual Work Plan (CAWP).

The plan contains prioritized activities to address challenges in the county.

Health sector is the largest devolved function, accounting for an average of 34.5 percent of the County budgetary allocation over the last five years. The budgetary allocation has increased gradually over the years and currently forms 39.9 percent of the entire FY 2022/23 county budget.

By Jane Ngugi

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