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IFC, Twiga foods partner to promote food safety programmes in the country

The  International Finance Corporation (lFC) has entered into a partnership with Twiga Foods in a bid to enhance food safety.

The partnership that will be based upon implementing, advising, deploying and training farmers on good agricultural practices, will assist Kenyan consumers access high  quality food that are safe and nutritious at a lower cost.

The  IFC Regional Director (RD) for Eastern  Africa, Jumoke Jagun Dokunmu, explained that over 100, 000 deaths and 91 million people get sick with greatest risk being micro-biological associated with animal products, fruits and vegetables.

Dokunmu said that food mishandling cost Africa about Ksh 1.7 trillion annually lowering Africa’s economy.

She reiterated that IFC gives agri-business a big priority because of its development impact as it contributes to nearly a half of Africa’s gross domestic product.

The  RD, insisted that IFC’s goal is to help companies apply international food safety standards to help them attract more investment, generate more sale, improve efficiency and waste management.

The  Twiga  Foods CEO, Peter  Njonjo  said the company will work with informal sector to look into food safety programmes and employ technology in food safety by increasing traceability of food produce.

He asserted that the company will work with farmers directly to ensure that the harvested food was safe since issues of long supply chain impedes on the safety of the foods.

“Food safety is an important consideration in our mission to provide affordable, quality and safe food to Kenya’s urban consumers and reliable market for farmers.”

He confirmed that the partnership was on first phase and they were jointly partnering to invest Ksh.25.4 million which is meant to create food policy and training, technology to deployed, transfer knowledge and experience.

By  Ian  Munjuga/Peter  Ochol

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