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Ijara Youth embrace football

Ijara Member of Parliament Hon Ali Abdi, Shekhow has organized a football tournament in the constituency to preoccupy the youth and dissuade them from abusing drugs during the holidays.

He said the inaugural Sheikhow Super Cup tournament was also organized to help the idle youth realize their potential and nurture their talents for bigger assignments with established teams and clubs.

The tournament, which was the first of its kind, kicked off at Baraza Park Football Pitch in Masalani where several teams from various youth soccer clubs from all sub-counties came for the competition.

The final match of the inaugural Sheikhow Super Cup was between Masalani Football Club and Young Boyz F.C. where players displayed talent in a fascinating match that thrilled the fans and leaders present.

Sheikhow congratulated participants for displaying exceptional football skills and urged idle youth and school leavers to embrace the sport to avoid indulging in the consumption of harmful substances.

“Let me tell you, instead of concentrating on drugs and idleness, we want them motivated to join your brother in soccer,” he said.

He called upon other political leaders especially in the North Eastern province, to emulate his initiative by replicating similar tournaments in their respective constituencies to keep local youth occupied.

During the tournament, Young Boyz F.C. won the Sheikhow Super Cup title during a nail-biting match against Masalani F.C. winning by a goal, triggering jubilant celebrations at Baraza Park Football Stadium.

By Mohamed Dahir 

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