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Illicit brew business creeping back in Murang’a

Residents of Murang’a County have decried a rise in illicit brew trade, which they say is contributing to increased insecurity, murders, theft and broken families.

Joseph Kibugi from Kagaa, Kenol called for urgent intervention measures to empower and rescue the boy child before an entire generation is wiped out by alcohol and drug abuse.

“The boy child has become hopeless as no one really prepares him for the transition from childhood to adulthood that is laden with responsibilities, so there is need to offer mentorship from a young age,” Kibugi noted.

He added that life has also become unbearable with the economy faring badly since the Covid-19 pandemic with basic commodity prices skyrocketing every day.

“You find that some people are engaging in substance abuse like smoking marijuana for short-lived solace yet we all know that the results are detrimental,” he observed.

He added that the young people who abuse drugs and alcohol soon become addicted and start engaging in crime to finance the habit.

Additionally, there are numerous illicit brew traders in the county making the brews easily accessible and as a result many homes have broken up as many young men spend every waking minute in local brew dens.

“I got married several years ago, I do not have a child just yet because my husband spends the entire time in drinking dens and is unable to even provide for me,” laments Agnes Mwangi, another resident.

As they called on the government to urgently take measures and curb the illicit brew trade, the residents also urged the church to play its’ part in shepherding and mentoring men and women zealously to rescue them from the impending ruin by alcohol and drugs.

By Florence Kinyua

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