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Illiterate men in Nyamira advised to join their female counterparts in adult learning classes 

Unschooled men in Nyamira County have been urged to join the women in adult learning classes to enable them acquire basic literacy skills.

This appeal was made on Monday by Nyamira County Commissioner (CC), Amos Mariba during a meeting at Ikonge primary school who noted that chauvinism is hindering men from acquiring very important skills in their life.

“Men  who are meant to be champions of education in this region are instead lagging behind claiming that it is humiliating to learn in the same class with their female counterparts who in most instances outshine them when they are examined on competencies learned.” Mariba said.

“You should endeavor to live by example so that you are able to motivate your children and grandchildren to take their education seriously because literacy is a basic and vital requirement for each Kenyan who needs to mingle with fellow citizens from diverse backgrounds and even beyond,” said Mariba.

The  Nyamira County Adult and Continuing Education Officer, Benjamin Bella noted that most unschooled men in the region demand to enroll in a separate institution from their female counterparts which he said is not practically possible at the moment and wondered why the menfolk are able to mingle with the women in other fora yet find it hard to mingle with them in the classroom setting.

Bella  further said that the literacy classes have brought in several other stakeholders from various departments like agriculture, crafts and handwork skill instructors, entrepreneurial and business lesson instructors, and computer teachers who have played a great role in imparting knowledge which has greatly helped improve the livelihood of the learners back in their homes.

The CC promised to give learners the support they require especially to much younger learners who still have a chance to study beyond proficiency classes and attempt primary and secondary education and even undertake their national examinations.

In  Nyamira County its only 148 male candidates out of a total 454 who registered for various exams at the adult and continuing education department a clear indication that unschooled men are not as enthusiastic with the literacy programme as their female counterparts.

By Deborah Bochere

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