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Importers reject macadamia from Kenya

Countries importing macadamia from Kenya have rejected the nuts owing to their premature harvesting.
Speaking to the press, John Kathangu, Vice Chairman, Nut Traders Association of Kenya (NUTAK) said the nuts were purchased and processed before they were mature, hence they have been rejected by the importing countries.
“Early last month we had a sitting with Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) together with Nut Processors Association of Kenya (NUTPAK) deliberating on appropriate date for harvesting the nuts and we proposed March 15,” noted Kathangu.
“This may affect adversely our forthcoming world conference on macadamia which will be held next year in Nairobi because of the poor quality of our nuts,” said Kathangu adding that the processors cannot blame AFA due to the loss incurred which has affected the farmers. Some farmers had not been paid their money.
Mr. Kathangu called for removal of section 43 of the AFA Act which restricts the exporters from exporting raw nuts unless they have authority from Cabinet Secretary having been approved by National Assembly which is limiting the number of exporters.
By Kimani Tirus

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