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Impressive Scouts Work Turn School Green

A group of scouts at a local primary school who have transformed their school from a dusty compound to a green environment through tree planting has gained eminence from the community.

Commissioner Ruth Kenyaga, the National Deputy Chair, Kenya Scouts Welfare, commended scouts at Kariba Road Primary School in Nakuru town for their commitment to tree planting that has transformed it into a lush green environment and asked other schools to emulate the same.

Speaking today at the school, she urged parents to encourage their children to join the club since the scouting movement has the capacity of helping boys and girls to discover a world beyond the classroom and become well-rounded people.

She said the community around Kariba Road Primary School have been influenced by the activities of the scouting club and the Nyumba Kumi elders have partnered with them in planting trees along the road and within the adjacent estates.

A student from Norway (standing) who got attracted to the impressive activities of scouts at the Kariba Road Primary School, Nakuru town. Photo by Veronica Bosibori

Ms Kenyaga added that the scouts have demonstrated their value system of building a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals who play a constructive role in society and are always at the forefront in improving their environment.

“Scouts learn to take responsibility for their actions and that assists the boys and girls in making informed decisions for their lives,’’ she said.

She congratulated the scouts of the Kariba Road Primary School for their remarkable performance in the Kenya Certificate Primary Examination (KCPE) and attributed it to their fundamental principles.

Commissioner Kenyaga noted that more than ever communities require the consideration and courage of scouts as they face the threats of the coronavirus pandemic.

She appealed to scouts and girl-guides countrywide to be agents of the Ministry of Health containment measures against the ravaging disease.

By Veronica Bosibori

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