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Inadequate funding hindering livestock vaccination campaign, Makueni

The ongoing mass vaccination of cows and goats in Makueni County against lumpy skin, foot and mouth and contagious caprine pleuropneumonia (CCPP) disease is yet to be completed due to inadequate funding.

The vaccination campaign that kicked off in March this year has so far managed to vaccinate 53,098 cattle against a target of 109,100 and 76,033 goats out of 204,000, earmarked for vaccination during the campaign period.

“As at now, we have only managed to vaccinate animals in Mbooni East, West, Makueni and Mukaa sub counties. We are yet to vaccinate animals in Kibwezi East and West sub counties due to inadequate funding,” said the County Director In-charge of Vaccination Dr Josphat Mbau, while speaking to KNA in his Wote office.

Dr Mbau disclosed that they are targeting to vaccinate 42,000 cattle against lumpy skin as well as foot and mouth disease, while 111,000 goats will be vaccinated against CCPP disease in Kibwezi East and West sub counties.

However, he expressed his concern about the poor state of the vaccination crushes saying lack of strong stalls or cages to hold strong animals like cattle so that veterinarians can vaccinate them have slowed down the campaign.

During the interview, the director said that they charge Sh20 and Sh5 for one cow and goat respectively, adding that they have raised Sh1.3 million as revenue for the county government.

By Lavender Mutuku and Samson Makau

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