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Inmates at Narok GK prison celebrate Valentine

As the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, over 700 inmates at the Narok GK prison had a rare chance of commemorating the day by receiving snacks and sanitary materials from the Narok Peace Association group.

During the celebrations attended by Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde, the inmates had a chance to exercise their talents and dance with the county commissioner.

Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde (in navy blue suit) joins Narok GK inmates in celebrating Valentines. Photo by Ann Salaton

The inmates cut a cake to commemorate the love day and were given bread and soda, which they rarely have.

Masinde said he decided to share the love day with the inmates, because they were part of the society and can be made to be good people in society after reforms.

“My personal carpenter was once a prisoner, he does a very good job because of the skills he learnt in prison,” he said.

“Make sure you do not come out of this place the way you came, if you come out in a good way, go to your chief and inform them you have changed so that he or she can connect you to the government programmes that give loans to young people. Many spiritual leaders who own big ministries were once inmates, this means everything is not over with you,” he said.

He called on the inmates to continue observing Covid-19 regulations and ensure they were fully vaccinated to keep the disease at bay.

The Narok GK Prison In-Charge Benson Lomeri thanked the humanitarian groups for volunteering to share love with the prisoners by sharing the little they have.

“Today is a day of love and we want to share the same love with the prisoner. I am happy because of all those who came to show love to our clients,” he said.

John Chikamai, an inmate serving a 17-year imprisonment term, said he was happy that there were people who were concerned with the inmates.

Narok Peace Association Ambassador Joshua Kaputa said they were in prison to celebrate love with the prisoners as the biblical command and remind them that they would not be prison forever.

“We do not have to wait to be millionaires to show love, but we came to share the little that we have with the prisoners,” he said.

By Ann Salaton

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