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Intense rains expected in Kiambu County, weatherman says

The Kenya Meteorological Department has given an update on the March to May long rains season saying it will affect some parts of Kiambu County.

This comes after a long period of dry weather conditions in the county making it difficult for the agricultural sector, which is the driving force of the region, to flourish.

Director of Kenya Meteorological Department Dr. David Gikingu said that in Kiambu and the greater central region, the rainfall is expected over the western sector of the country and was likely to spill over to a few areas.

“Rainfall is expected to increase in intensity and spread to several places towards the end of the third week of March,” he said.

He added that the onset was also expected to start toward the end of the third week of March and beginning of the fourth week of March.

“The rainfall will intensify as we approach the onset dates and therefore farmers are advised to make use of the coming rains and also practice water harvesting when there is rain,” he said.

The rainfall expected over several parts of the country is as a result of the impacts of the cyclone Freddy that developed off the North Australian coast.

The storm has moved over the Indian Ocean crossing Madagascar and resulted in the current dry weather conditions in most parts of the country.

The cyclone is expected to intensify and make landfall in Mozambique on Friday bringing with it rainfall over some parts of the country.

The March-April-May (MAM) long rainy season has been a crucial period for farmers and is very impactful to the agricultural sector in the region hence affecting food security.

By Cedric Karungaru

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