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International organization roots for traditional diet

Kenyans have been challenged to revert to eating traditional foods to help fight lifestyle diseases.

            The Medical Missionary Movement, African Chapter, said life threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes and pressure were on the increase among Africans and that it was only through improving on their diet by embracing traditional food that the vice could be reversed.

          Representative of African Chapter President Emmanuel Mukomango, a Zambian national, stressed during a conference in Migori County that human beings had exposed their lives to the risks of contracting Cancer, Malaria and other opportunistic diseases by feeding on too much Western foods that lacked natural ingredients.

            Addressing more than 50 participants from different African Countries including Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Zambia, Mr. Mukomango noted with regret that many people were today filling their dining tables with food that were full of chemicals at the expense of the natural ones.

            “We have abandoned our natural food that helps boost our immune system for the Western parked diet that only makes us sick. Traditional foods such as soya beans, green bananas, vegetables, potatoes and groundnuts are more valuable in disease prevention and treatment than meat,” he said.

          He said the movement was rooting for natural healing offered through consumption of traditional food than waiting to seek for conventional treatment that is nowadays more disappointing because of the ineffectiveness of drugs.

            He said most of the stubborn diseases killing many people were being triggered from peoples’ lifestyle diet and it would be more important that Africans prioritize nutritional medicines more.

            “Apart from healing diseases naturally, the traditional food were good from preventing opportunistic diseases that have become so resistant to the conventional drugs,” he added.

            “The combination of natural food, good exercise, clean water, enough sunlight and oxygen, good rest and above all divine intervention is good for our health and a county’s development,” said Mr. Mukomango.

             During the conference at Got Kayayo centre, in Uriri Sub-County, participants gave out testimonies and experiences with dangerous diseases which they have healed from through reverting to safer diets.

            Ms. Gullen Midioba from Zambia said she had fully healed from a life threatening pressure which she lived with for more than 10 years by eating traditional foods.

             Her counterpart from Sauth Africa, Mrs. Siphiwe Vilakazi, a Primary School Principal, said she was campaigning in her country for a turn round to safer diets for her fellow citizens and people in all African nations after enjoying the benefits of abandoning Western foods.

            Mrs. Dorcas Ayodo, a Nairobi University trained Medical Doctor said she had resigned from her job in favour of natural disease prevention and treatment by advocating for a change by Kenyans to embrace eating traditional foods.

            As a victim of bad Western foods, she warned that unless Kenyans prioritized good table diets, people would continue to flood local hospitals with diseases that could be managed easily through simple and cheap foods.

            The Conference was also attended by the Kenyan-born-Netherland citizen Jimmy Ayayo who is the organization movement coordinator for Holland.

By George Agimba

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