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Invest in the youth for dividends, NCPD

The National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) has called on Nyandarua county residents to invest more in the youth to reduce its high dependency ratio.
According to NCPD, investment in the age groups between 18- 34 will ensure they quickly harness the demographic dividend, as the county has many minors and the elderly depending on this group.
Central Regional Population Coordinator Irene Kitur, underscored the need for a quality life for all Kenyans.
She called on stakeholders to pool resources to boost the working population aged between 15- 64 to help reduce the dependency ratio.
“We need to empower them in governance, economic wellbeing and education,” she added.
The county lagged behind as 70 dependents were supported by 100 working adults as opposed to the recommended 60 and below.
Ms. Kitur noted the need to create Youth Friendly health facilities as a way of encouraging them to seek reproductive health care, regretting that teenage pregnancies in Nyandarua was occuring as a result of lack of sexual education.
As at now, the county has until 2030 for it to reap the benefits of its youth and working force channeling resources towards youth empowerment will ensure they open this window early enough.
County Commissioner Benson Leparmorijo who led the residents in giving their views towards the review of the Population Policy, regretted that cases of gender based violence in the county were on the rise, urging members of the public to live in harmony and seek solutions.
“We encourage our youth to also form groups and apply for Youth Enterprise Funds to enable them to start projects and support their innovations,” added Leparmorijo.
NCPD’s Lucy Kimondo noted that members of the public were free to give their views on policies before the end of this month, to inform strategies.
The residents regretted that government stipend for the elderly had brought about laziness among their caregivers, who robbed the elderly of the funds in order to gain.

By Anne Sabuni


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