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Investigations start to unveil who killed a 29-year-old surveyor

Narok County Commissioner (CC), Isaac Masinde, has called on Narok town residents to embrace peace as the police unveil the killers of a 29-year-old private surveyor, Lawrence Nkamasiai.

The young brilliant surveyor was killed by unknow assailants, as he opened the door to his homestead at K24 area, in Narok town at around 8pm.

Following the incident, residents held demonstrations by barricading the Narok- Bomet highway at Kims Breeze area, protesting his ruthless death.

Police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and at the same time, arrested six people in connection with the demonstrations.

The County Commissioner is now calling for peace among the residents, saying police have launched investigations to unveil the reasons behind the brutal murder.

“We can confirm that investigations are underway to arrest those involved in the murder. We want to ascertain why the young surveyor was killed,” he said, wondering why the residents were quick to take the law in their hands.

Masinde reiterated that security had been heightened in the town since the Christmas festival as senior police officers are leading their juniors to patrol all the estates in the town.

“Today’s incident is an isolated case. We do not want to conclude that the killers were murderers as they hit the deceased heavily at the back of his head and run away. Allow us to investigate, so that we can get the reasons behind the murder,” he added.

At the same time, he said the security team will be holding meetings with landlords in the area, to request them to give the list of their tenants, their identification numbers and their nature of jobs, so as to establish the kind of people who live in the town.

“We are aware some people are not student, others do not do any sort of jobs yet they have money to rent houses. We want to know what is the source of their income,” he said.

He also warned the boda boda sector to be vigilant of imposters who hide in their midst, pretending to be part of them, only to realize later that the individual is a wanted criminal.

The friends of the late Nkamasiai said he was a very jovial person, who easily interacted with people.

Milton Salaon, a friend to the deceased said they talked at length with the late yesterday evening, where they recalled their early school days at Narok High School.

“The deceased was a very bright man. He was the best student at Narok High school in the year 2014,” he recalled.

By Ann Salaton

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