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Irregular supervision hurts government development projects

Irregular supervision of government development projects by key stakeholders has given contracted implementing agencies leeway to get-away with substandard works.

This observation was made Friday by Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba while chairing a meeting of County development, implementation and coordination members in his board room saying many contractors carried out substandard works in development projects due to lack of close and regular supervision.

“Beneficiaries of government development projects hardly enjoy its services because the projects are implemented in a very shoddy manner yet the contractors have been fully paid for the works and this makes tax payers aggrieved for they feel their money has gone down to waste,” Nyamira County Commissioner said.

“It’s against this back drop that the president gave an executive order for formation of development, implementation and coordination committees at various levels to oversee implementation of national government development projects in the specified standards and time frame formation,” Mr. Mariba said.

While addressing County directors of various departments present, Mr. Mariba clarified that the committee was not after fault finding but getting the facts right on the status of various government projects and give recommendations depending on their current status.

Director from the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) Mr. Melchizedek Onguso highlighted priority projects which the committee would oversee and give reports on their status.

“Prioritized sections include health, energy on the last mile power connectivity, roads, irrigation and water amongst others whereby committee members will do site visits to ascertain the real situation on the ground before they can give their recommendations,” Mr. Onguso clarified.

County heads of departments have welcomed the move as it would save them the trouble of explaining to members of the public on the status of various government projects which have stalled for long time yet they do not have clear information on what happened to such projects that were supposed to be operational and help citizens.

By Deborah Bochere

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