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iZola unveils app to support special needs families

iZola, a biotech company operating in Kenya, has unveiled the Xaidi Application (App), a digital health assistant designed to guide parents and caregivers through the day-to-day challenges experienced by families of children with special needs.

The Xaidi App introduced by iZola addresses a critical gap in healthcare support for families with special needs children, with the hope that the app will transform the lives of millions globally.

The App seeks to empower families of special needs children living with Autism, ADHD, and Cerebral palsy, amongst other mental health conditions, by enabling them to navigate challenges and opportunities related to neurodiversity.

Speaking Wednesday during the event, the Deputy Director of the Directorate of Children Services, Mr. Philip Nzenge, commended the initiative, citing the alarming number of children and adolescents facing developmental disabilities worldwide.

In his endorsement, Nzenge highlighted the alignment of iZola’s mission with global initiatives, stating, “I commend iZola on launching the Xaidi App as this is in line with our mission of creating a barrier-free society for persons living with disabilities.”

The Xaidi App, born out of a collaboration between Kenyan and German minds, sets out to create a community health assistant that goes beyond language barriers.

The app’s ability to provide information in both English and Swahili positions it as a comprehensive solution for diverse families.

In addition, Nzenge emphasised the urgency of addressing the needs of children with developmental disabilities, a population he believes has been historically neglected.

Shedding light on the motivation behind Xaidi Innovation, the Co-Founder and CEO of iZola, Dr. Wamuyu Owotoki, stated, “For many parents of special needs children, it can be difficult to find resources to enable their children to thrive. iZola has created Xaidi, a health helper App leveraging artificial intelligence to foster a healthcare ecosystem tailored to the diverse needs of special needs families.”

Dr. Owotoki maintained that the app’s role in creating a safe space for parents and caregivers is to offer instant feedback 24/7.

“It provides safe spaces for parents to gather tips and educational resources on learning and thinking differences while seeking advice,” she added.

The CEO said that the Xaidi App stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, technology, and a shared commitment to making healthcare more inclusive.

Most importantly, the Xaidi App appeared as a symbol of progress and inclusivity through its potential to transform the lives of millions, therefore ringing innovation bells to reaffirm the importance of leveraging technology for the betterment of society.

By Nkooma Samson and Michael Omondi

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