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Jilted Lover Takes Own Life

A 21-year-old woman in Ndumberi area of Kiambu County committed suicide last Thursday after he boyfriend reportedly broke their relationship.

Witnesses said the lifeless body of Fidelis Wanja was found dangling from the rooftop of her rented house after curious neighbours enquired about her whereabouts after she failed to wake up early as usual

The woman identified as is believed to have committed suicide because of a relationship gone sour.

Speaking to KNA at the crime scene, Damaris Muoki, a next door neighbor to the deceased narrated, “It was around 11 am when the friend whom we know came and knocked on Wanja’s door several times getting no response. That is when she came to my house to ask if Wanja was in or she had left but I informed her I had not seen her since the previous night. She went and decided to peep through the window and that’s when she saw Wanja’s body dangling from the ceiling and she screamed for help”.

Neighbours responded to the distress call, rushed to the scene and broke the door to the house in which the woman lived alone.

They found a note stating, “I loved him until I died.” When we asked who the deceased was referring to, Damaris confidently said it was her on-and-off boyfriend of two years with whom they recently broken up.

The area chief Christopher Gathuma stated that it was very sad that young people nowadays opt to commit suicide rather than talk out their problems and get help.

The deceased’s body was removed to Kiambu Level 5 hospital for postmortem.

Police have launched investigations into the incident.

Incidentally, as the woman committed suicide, members of the public were matching along the streets of Kiambu to mark the mental health awareness day, an event that had been scheduled for 10th Octobers but was postponed to yesterday as it had fallen on a public holiday.


By Lydia Shiloya and Mary Mueni





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