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Journalists urged to embrace technology for profitability

Mombasa based journalists have been challenged to embrace emerging technology and collaborations, to ensure the media withstands the ever changing global environment

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) asked journalists to use new technology and sell their content globally for more earnings.

Speaking during the launch of the Mombasa Press Club, MCK Director of Media Training and Development, Victor Bwire, said that some journalists have now been underprivileged, after their media houses closed down, thus the need for the Council to provide the Club to help in providing support to the practitioners.

The Press Club serves as a welfare organization, aimed at fostering professional growth, collaboration and support among its members.

Bwire said media houses have failed to maintain journalists, with some opting for automotive journalism, due to the high cost of operations in newsrooms.

He urged journalists to embrace the digital transformation in their careers, to spearhead their skills and come-up with alternative sources of earning from their jobs.

“As journalists in this time and era, you are advantaged as you can use your phones to create content and post it on social media platforms, where you will get viewership. Do not rely on brown envelopes, only for sustainability,” he said.

Bwire said there is high demand for online content, urging journalists to tap into the creative industry and come-up with good content that can be consumed both locally and abroad.

He noted that MCK will support the scribes by creating a website for journalists to post their content for free.

The Director added that through the Club, journalists will be taught lifesaving skills, high return investments and maximizing their time in media.

Bwire said plans are underway to have a media hub, where members of the Press Club will have a platform to meet, work and exchange ideas about their stories.

He called on journalists to be focused and united, as they hold their ambitions, saying MCK will give them support.

Mombasa Governor, Abdulswamad Nassir, welcomed the move as a good approach of keeping the profession alive and ensuring independence of journalists, free from sponsorship by politicians.

Nassir called on collaboration and partnership between the Press Club and County governments, in highlighting development activities within the County.

“The partnership does not mean you are compromised, we can still work together and maintain professionalism in your work,” he said.

The Governor noted that the Club will also attract economic opportunities in the County, with the county government offering to work with them in securing business ventures for the media houses.

“It’s about time that we also think of investments and the future, the county government will support you on that,” he added.

Mombasa Press Club Chairperson, Omar Shungu, said that the Club is committed to upholding the highest standards of journalism, while nurturing the professional growth and well-being of its members.

“We aim to create a supportive and  a thriving community that contributes positively to the media landscape in Mombasa and beyond. We invite all journalists in the County to join us on this journey towards excellence and collaboration,” he said.

By Chari Suche

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