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JSC demands independence

As part of the fulfillment of its mandate, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) adopts various strategies to promote and facilitate the independence of the Judiciary and the efficient, effective, and transparent administration of justice.

One of the strategies is visiting various courts in the country to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of justice within the courts and engaging key stakeholders, including the public, to obtain feedback on the administration of justice. The findings inform decisions and policy-making in the Commission as well as prioritization of resource allocation.

The team led by JSC Vice Chairperson Commissioner Macharia Njeru visited Kerugoya Law Courts where they inspected the infrastructure and ICT development in the respective court stations and engaged the Court Users Committees, which included the Public Law society of Kenya and other stakeholders in the administration of justice.

They also sensitized Judges, judicial officers and staff on the Commission’s mandate and approved policies, and received feedback on areas that required the intervention of JSC.

Speaking to media outside the court, Commissioner Njeru said for the Judiciary to be effective, they must actively engage with all stakeholders to know the challenges and possible remedies.

Team from the Judicial Service Commission poses for a photo with Court Users at Kerugoya Law Court on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

He added the engagement would assist in appropriate decision-making and success to justice for all in our country.

He said the Courts Users Committee of Kerugoya specifically wanted to be enhanced through the allocation of adequate resources to resolve their issues noting the collaboration among the courts would make work easier in the justice system.

“A Court Users Committee has various representations ranging from public, police, prison, Kenya forest, and business community. The beauty of this collaboration helps to make work easier and in our engagement, they want to be enhanced by being provided with adequate resources,” he said.

The Commissioner said the independence of the Judiciary would make the society feel secure as the court is the last line of defense assuring the public that they would do all to protect it. “We emphasize the independence of Judiciary because this is where everyone runs to as the last line of defense,” he noted.

On Judiciary funding, Njeru said the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) may be lacking understanding on their part but he reminded them that the matters of Judiciary staff were the responsibility of JSC.

“There might be a lack of understanding by the SRC but we keep reminding them that all matters that deal with Judiciary staff are the role of the JSC. We are not creating new laws but we read the way it is. Every state organ should be allowed to serve the public in all matters relating to its mandate,” he emphasized.

The team proceeded Wangu’ru Laws Courts for further engagement with stakeholders.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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