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JSC establishes Tribunal to determine fate of Judge Kullow

Chief Justice Martha Koome has presided over the swearing in of a Tribunal established to inquire into the petition to remove from office the Environment and Land Court Judge, Justice Mohammed Kullow.

As the Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), Koome oversaw the swearing in of the appointed Tribunal Judges which is set to consider the four petitions for the removal of Justice Mohammed Kullow and also inquire into the conduct of the judge in terms of the particulars set out in the petitions and determine whether the allegations there in, constitute a breach of office.

According to the CJ, the Tribunal shall expeditiously prepare and submit a report and its recommendations and also exercise all the powers conferred upon it by law for the proper execution of its mandate in discharge of its function.

Speaking during the event, Koome expressed that the judiciary is privileged to serve the people terming the Judges as the servants of the Constitution who give the judiciary the responsibility and privilege to exercise a noble duty and serve the people.

She added that this responsibility is given by the people and the judiciary in its accountability exercise it as Judges within the parameters of the Constitution.

The CJ at the same time exuded confidence in the Tribunal appointed Judges describing them as distinguished professionals in their various professions.

Further, she urged the Tribunal to conduct the proceedings in a transparent and fair manner and without any bias adding that the oath will guide the Judges on their day to day work as they go into the exercise.

The CJ maintained that the Oath requires the appointed Judges to serve to the best of their abilities and unite all their knowledge of the responsibilities bestowed upon them.

The JSC had submitted to the President the 4 petitions against Justice Mohammed Kullow alleging incompetence, gross misconduct, violation of the Constitution and breach of the judicial service code of conduct and Ethics Regulations, 2020 regarding acts that allegedly disclosed ground for his removal from office.

The President, through the guidance of the JSC in exercise of power conferred by Article 168 (5) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya that was read together with Section 31 of the Judiciary Service Act, 2011, directed the appointment of the following Judges to the 11-member Tribunal including Justice Patrick Omwenga as the Chairperson, Dorcas Oduor Agik as Lead Counsel, Jasper Mbiuki and Collins Kiprono as Secretaries and Emmanuel Omondi and Georgiadis Majimbo as Assisting Counsels.

The other members of the Tribunal include Justice Margaret Mwangi, Justice Anthony Mrima, Wanjiru Mwariri, Rukia Abdinasir, Charles Mulila and Jinaro Kipkemoi.

By Sharon Atieno

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