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Juja lands registry to be set up to curb fraud

Juja Sub County is in the process of setting up a land registry in a bid to end the perennial land fraud cases and protracted disputes that have skyrocketed in the area over the years.

Area MP George Koimburi said plans are at an advanced stage and that the offices will be open in a few months.

He said the office will end the many cases of land grabbing, multiple land allocations and disputes emanating from rogue land buying companies in the area.

Speaking during a public participation forum in Juja, Kalimoni and Witeithie wards, the MP said they are working closely with the Ministry of Lands to fast track the process.

He said it will help the many residents who have suffered for decades in the hands of cartels who have been working in cahoots with rogue police officers and officials from the Ministry of Lands.

He said they will also save time and costs of travelling to seek the services in Thika and Ruiru land registries.

“The number of land fraud cases in Juja is worrying.  Many people have suffered due to lack of access to the land offices. With the coming Lands registry, we hope this will come to an end,” he said.

Koimburi, who’s a member of the Parliamentary Lands Committee at the same time disclosed that they are in the process of reverting grabbed public utility land to the public.

He said most of the land earmarked for schools, markets, hospitals, social halls, police posts, and recreational facilities have been grabbed, derailing efforts to set up the amenities.

While noting that about 90 percent of land owners in Juja do not have title deeds, he said the Lands Offices will aid in fast tracking processing and issuance of title deeds.

“Majority of land owners in Juja bought their land from land buying firms and they have been frustrated by the companies in getting their title deeds. Once the land offices open, they will get their land ownership documents,” Koimburi promised.

Land owners lauded the move to set up the Lands office saying that it will end the suffering that they have gone through in the hands of fraudsters.

“We are hopeful that we will finally get title deeds for our land parcels and that land fraud will be a thing of the past in the area, said Lucy Macharia, a resident.

“We also hope that grabbed public land will be reverted to the public and that sanity will be restored in Juja”, added Macharia.

By Muoki Charles




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