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Kajiado bar owners to adhere to set regulations

The Kajiado County Alcoholic Drinks Control Board has urged business owners retailing alcoholic drinks in the county to observe regulations for licensing and operating hours.

County liquor board chairman, Jonah Marahpash said he had received a petition from 174 Kibiko residents, who raised complaints about an increase in number of bars operating in the area causing noise pollution and rise in alcoholism among the youth.

“We are investigating complaints from residents about outlets selling alcohol and Miraa in Kibiko town. We support business operations but we also need residents to have peace. All bars must have a license and should function within the stipulated opening and closing hours,” stressed Marahpash.

The chairman said that until the conflict between residents and bar owners in Kibiko town is resolved, no new bars will be allowed to open.

Kajiado West Sub-county Alcoholic Drinks Control Board official, John Kaurai, has said a multi-agency taskforce is working towards resolving the rampant challenge of bars operating unlawfully in residential areas.

“We will not allow bars to operate in a residential area. The problem of bars operating within residential areas has become widespread in Kajiado West and we will close them down. We will conduct a bar licensing audit exercise in May,” said Kaurai.

The Sub-county police commander Vincent Kitili cautioned business owners retailing alcohol to ensure they comply to avoid being in conflict with law enforcement officers.

By Amy Moyi

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