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Kajiado embarks on mass vaccination exercise against Covid-19

Kajiado County residents have been urged to avail themselves for a 10-day mass vaccination drive against Covid -19 pandemic.

County Deputy Director of Preventive and Promotive Health Dr Lydia Kilowua, noted that uptake of the vaccine in the county was very low, with only 30.5 per cent of the population, having received full vaccination against the global pandemic.

Speaking in Kajiado during the launch of the vaccination drive, Dr. Kilowua said they will be conducting a 10-day door to door vaccination campaign to ensure that they reach as many residents as possible.

The County’s health department is targeting to vaccinate 100,000 people against Covid -19 through the Rapid Result Initiative (RRI) Campaign that is currently being carried out in the county until July 31.

Those targeted are persons aged 12 and above, with high risk population such as the elderly and front-line workers also targeted. Those who have not received the second dose and booster shots will also receive the vaccine.

The director noted that despite the availability of the vaccines at the County Referral and all the sub-county hospitals, few residents were visiting the centers for the Covid -19 jab.

“The vaccines are available in all of our hospitals, but very few residents are visiting the hospitals to be vaccinated. That is why we have decided to reach out to them in their homes and workplaces to ensure that everyone is protected against the virus,” she said.

Kilowua revealed that many youths have not been vaccinated and they would be targeting them in schools and learning institutions.

She also noted that the on-going drought has affected many residents and herders have relocated to other places in search of water and pasture for their animals and they will be visiting those areas to ensure the herders also receive the vaccination.

“We know that the on-going drought has affected many residents and herders have relocated with their livestock to other places. We will be targeting those places to ensure that the herders also receive the vaccine and are protected from corona,” said Kilowua.

She further urged those who had been administered with the full vaccine to ensure that they receive booster shots so as to fully protect themselves.

So far 337,161 positive cases have been confirmed in Kenya with 5,670 deaths recorded. In Kajiado County, 7,499 persons have so far tested positive for the virus with 102 deaths reported.

Kajiado Central Assistant County Commissioner Zuhura Mambo, emphasized the importance of taking the Covid -19 vaccine, adding that it has been proven to be effective and safe by the World Health Organization.

“The vaccine protects one from contracting the virus and even if one contracts it after being vaccinated, the symptoms will not be so adverse and one can easily fight it compared to a person who has not received the vaccine at all,” she said.

The administrator further called on residents to continue following the laid down protocols by the Ministry of Health in order to curb further spread of the virus.

She urged them to also observe social distancing, wearing of masks in public places and washing hands with running water and soap.

The 10-day mass vaccination targeting 30 million adults and 5 million teenagers exercise is being carried out in 24 select counties by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with African Medical Research and Education Foundation (AMREF), United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

By Rop Janet


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