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Kajiado Governor’s Plan for PWDs

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has promised to improve access to assistive devices for Persons with Disability (PWDs) in Kajiado.

The County’s Disability Mainstreaming Board is set to create a proposal for the acquisition of assistive devices for all persons with disabilities.

Speaking during the Disability Mainstreaming event at Kajiado Ildamat stadium, Governor Lenku said that, as a County, they have made milestones to assist the PWDs through the implementation of The Disability Mainstreaming Act 2023 and now they want to put more focus on the assistive devices that will ease the lives of PWDs and he will ensure the act of acquiring assistive devices is implemented in the County.

The county government is collaborating with a disability board to develop strategies to provide assistive devices to persons with disabilities. The goal is to improve their living conditions and make their lives more bearable, aiming to ensure as many people as possible receive these devices.

William Peshut, the Secretary General of Kajiado County Disability Summit revealed that they had a candid discussion with the County Government requesting them to create a space where PWDs can have representatives when making decisions including ways in which the national government can purchase locally made assistive devices.

The county government should continue providing assistive devices to all persons with disabilities (PWDs). The governor’s purchase of a hearing assistive device allowed a partner to acquire one they couldn’t afford on their own. The national government should stop the importation of assistive devices.

Kajiado County Governor showcased how assistive devices for PWDs work during The Disability Mainstreaming event at Ildamat Stadium Kajiado. Photo by Seline Nyangere.

During the disability mainstreaming celebration, at least 37 people were able to acquire wheelchairs courtesy of a partnership between Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), Motivation Charitable Trust, and AIC Kajiado Child Care Centre.

Dr. Mwangi Matheri from JKUAT called on the government to purchase locally made appropriate wheelchairs which are prescribed for an individual to avoid cases of pressure and back sores to PWDs using wheelchairs.

“We want to promote wheelchair as a prescription item, we have started the wheelchair service learning centre which we are using to promote the capacity of Kenyans to be able to deliver wheelchairs as a prescription item. An appropriate wheelchair that fits the user because the wheelchairs that people are consuming are inappropriate and sometimes promote back sores”, advised Matheri

Matheri urged the country to support the purchase of locally-made wheelchairs, highlighting JKUAT’s efforts to reduce import costs. Kajiado County has made milestones in disability mainstreaming as PWDs are now able to acquire bursaries, get leadership positions, and be included in events and activities that the county is engaging in.

By Seline Nyangere and Sammy Rayiani

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