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Kajiado leaders call for peace ahead of polls

Former councillors in Kajiado have urged the residents to maintain peace and uphold unity during and after the General Elections.

Speaking during a fundraising event held to construct an income generating building to boost their economic well-being,  the former councillors appealed to Kajiado residents to coexist in peace even as the country is about to go for General Elections.

Christine Pratt, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister who was the chief guest, lauded Kajiado residents for maintaining peace and reiterated the need for peaceful coexistence.

“It is only when peace prevails that economic development can be achieved,” said Pratt.

Kajiado’s Governor Joseph ole Lenku commended the former councillors for laying a good foundation of peace and unity within Kajiado.

Kajiado County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha, urged politicians to do politics in a manner that will ensure that the residents are peaceful and united before and after the General Elections.

The former councillors Chairman Julius ole Ntayia, said that people should vote for leaders who are visionary despite their tribe and clan.

The income generating commercial building will benefit 178 former councillors who served in Kajiado County from the year 1963-2013.

By Diana Meneto 

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