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Kajiado residents benefit from relief food programme

Over 600 Kajiado residents from vulnerable groups have benefited from a relief food programme through a church sponsored initiative.

The feeding programme provides a cooked meal every day to vulnerable members of the community including children and the elderly residing in Ngong town.

Senior Pastor Elizabeth Njeri of Revelation Gospel Church has said the feeding programme is sponsored by well-wishers for needy families in Kibiko, Mathare, Gichagi and Ngong Hills who cannot afford to purchase food and cooking fuel.

“I realized many people in the community did not have food and especially children which affected their performance in school because they could not concentrate in class. The cost of living has become very high and most people in these villages often go hungry,” said Njeri.

She has said the church decided to provide cooked food to the residents because they realised that some residents went without food even after receiving food packages from the church because they were not able to afford cooking fuel.

According to Agnes Ndunge, a Mathare resident, the relief food programme plays a crucial role in providing food for many families who cannot afford it because of unemployment or the high food prices.

“I am elderly and do not have a source of income. I rely on this feeding programme to feed myself and my grandchildren. There are also orphans and people without jobs who rely on this feeding programme. There is no work and there is no money. Many people from Mathare rely on this food,” said Ndunge.

By Alice Gworo 

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