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Kajiado residents receive allotment letters

Over 400 members of Imbuko Group ranch in Kajiado have been issued with new land allotment letters by the County Government.

The new documents have extra security features aimed at protecting genuine land owners from fraudsters and curbing rampant land fraud cases.

Speaking after issuing the titles to the group ranch members, Governor Joseph Lenku said the move would help streamline the land sector and issues such as double allocation.

He noted that the allotment letters were a proof of ownership and locals were now free to develop their land.

Lenku added that allotment letters could also be used as collateral to secure loans from local banks and called on the members to take care of their new property and develop it so as to improve their livelihoods.

“Acquisition of legal land documents is a major step towards proper utilization of the land resource. I continue to strive to ensure Kajiado residents get the right documents for their land to enable them benefit fully from this resource,” said Lenku

The Governor reaffirmed his commitment in protecting and defending public and private land from unscrupulous brokers and corrupt land officials adding that they had recovered many acres of public land that had been grabbed by private developers.

Elijah Lakalo, the Chairman of Imbuko group ranch said the issuance of the allotment letters was a big relief to the group ranch members as they could now develop their plots and even put-up permanent structures.

Lakalo said many members had never owned land before and with the allotment letters, they could now be proud to be listed as legal owners of property

“Many members have never had any documents to prove ownership of the land where they reside, but with the allotment letter they can confidently develop their piece of land and even use it as security to secure loans from banks,” Lakalo said.

by Rop Janet

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