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Kajiado women undergo training on chicken rearing

Over 1,000 women in Kajiado County have benefited from a three months training on chicken rearing, kitchen garden and fish farming.

The three months training was undertaken at the different wards within the county by the County Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in partnership with Faraja Elatia Foundation.

According to the County Chief Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Jackeline Koin, the training was necessitated by climate change and reduced land which made livestock farming unsustainable.

“We want the women to have an alternative source of livelihood where they can earn from chicken rearing, kitchen garden and fish farming as livestock farming is proving to be a challenge due to climate change,” said Koin.

Koin added that due to the current drought, livestock keeping has been greatly affected and people are moving their livestock from one area to another in search of pasture and water which is usually very expensive.

She added that when women embrace poultry farming and kitchen gardens, they can have an alternative source of income and at the same time a balanced diet from chicken and vegetables.

“Another factor that has greatly affected livestock keeping is reduced space due to land sale thus keeping large herds of cattle is not beneficial anymore but with chicken rearing, very little space is needed and a farmer can benefit from their eggs and white meat which is healthier,” she pointed out.

Koin added that the women from Lenchani and Embolioi groups will benefit from fish ponds and brush cutters to enable them to harvest fodder for their livestock.

One of the beneficiaries, Caroline Ntitanian from Lenchani was elated after receiving two chickens from Faraja Elatia Foundation and said that this will change her life as she will no longer depend on her husband for upkeep.

Another Beneficiary from Embolioi, Tabitha Saitoti noted that they have learnt a lot regarding kitchen gardens including the various crops they can plant and how to take care of them for a healthier diet.

By Diana Meneto

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