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Kakamega to Invest in Food Production

The  Kakamega Deputy Governor (DG), Prof. Philip Kutima has said the county government is investing in farming to ensure food security in the county in the post-Covid-19 disease period.

The DG said there is a looming food crisis in the county if enough resources and measures are not put in to empower farmers and increase food production.

“We are likely to experience starvation and therefore we have availed subsidized farm inputs to ensure production of adequate food to sustain the populace,” he explained.

Prof. Kutima, who is also the Agriculture Executive was speaking at the county headquarters on Friday after receiving fourty, 500 litres tanks from One Acre Fund, a non-profit organization, as its contribution towards combating Covid-19 disease.

The  organization offers seeds and fertilizer to smallholder farmers on credit and is currently working with 73, 924 farmers in the 12 sub counties.

He  said the County Donations and Resource Mobilization Committee, which is responsible for distributing donations across the county will prioritize markets in rural areas when distributing the tanks.

The  DG added that rural areas are vulnerable to the virus due to inadequate resources, including sanitizers, face masks and hand washing equipment.

He appealed for more donations of supplies to enable the county to effectively prevent and contain the spread of corona virus.

By  Sammy  Mwibanda

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