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Kalonzo Sends Easter Message to Kenyans

Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka has commended Kenyans for their patience, resilience and perseverance exhibited during this period when the country is trying to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
Sending a congratulatory Easter message to all Kenyans, Kalonzo said the disease has caused massive disruptions in people’s way of life both socially and economically, rendering thousands jobless and making businesses to close down, while families are staring at an uncertain future.
In a press statement sent to KNA Saturday, the former VP encouraged Kenyans not to lose hope as history has shown that periods of despair and hopelessness were often followed by moments of great renaissance.
“I have little doubt in my mind that Covid-19, though a very bitter pill to swallow for Kenya and the world at the moment, will soon be a thing of the past,” he stated.
Kalonzo who is also the Wiper Party leader said he strongly believed that Kenyans and the human race as a whole would emerge out of the pandemic stronger, wiser, and more determined.
At the same time, he urged members of the public to observe the government directives of washing hands with soap and keeping social distance, noting that these safeguards would enable the country combat Covid-19 pandemic.
Kalonzo said even though Christians would not congregate in churches this year to celebrate Easter masses due to the pandemic, they have been presented with an opportunity for self-reflection, both as individuals and as a country.
“We have been presented an opportunity to examine ourselves if we have been true and faithful to our Creator, both individually and as a Nation,” he added.
He also called upon Kenyans not to neglect the clergy at this time of crisis, saying that they needed their support more than ever before.
“They have led and guided us during times of peace and calm. Let us stand steadfastly by them during this time of uncertainty and turbulence,” he said, adding that the disease does not mean that people should stop giving tithes, offertories and thanksgivings gifts to their spiritual leaders, or stop development activities in their churches.
He also urged Christians to intensify their prayers and use digital platforms such as MPESA to support God’s work.
Kalonzo further said that the resurrection of Christ should catalyze the resurrection of people’s faith, hope and inspiration, as well as overcome the tribulations and iniquities of Covid-19.
By Bernadette Khaduli

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