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Kangaroo courts major cause of increase teen pregnancies

Bungoma County Commissioner Dr Abdi Hassan has blamed kangaroo courts for the increase in teenage pregnancy cases.

While addressing the press he expressed worry over the rising cases of teenage pregnancies in the county and asked all stakeholders to be vigilant in addressing the matter.

“Security team is not going to spare those who will be found settling matters of children rights violation at their homes instead of allowing the law to take its course,” he said.

Dr Hassan said that it is not going to be business as usual because the problem is derailing future generations adding that the vice shall no longer entertained.

Bungoma County Commissioner Dr. Abdi Hassan planting a tree during the commemoration of Public Service Week in Mt Elgon forest along Kibuk river.
Photograph by Douglas Mudambo/KNA

He called upon parents to take care of their children, warning that those who will evade responsibility will be dealt with accordingly.

The county commissioner said that it’s unlawful for parents to ignore their own children and subject them to trouble.

“Such parents will find no comfort in Bungoma County as the law will be hard on them,” he said.

Dr Hassan directed the tracing of the affected children, adding that no stone will be left unturned.

“We are going to move from house to house to find out there exact number of cases of teenage pregnancies and act accordingly,” he said.

The county has been notorious for child abuse cases and Dr. Hassan has vowed to change the narrative.

At the same time Dr Hassan cautioned residents enthusiastic about conducting traditional circumcision to forego the rite of passage citing underlying health risks during this time of Covid-19 and added they will not be tolerated.

“This is the wrong time for anybody to start engaging children in such ceremonies which will put them at risk hence such ceremonies will only be allowed in accordance with government regulations,” he said.

He also called upon residents to embrace and observe Government directives regarding the prevention of Covid-19.

Dr Hassan said despite the fact the pandemic is still with us, the security teams will not be reluctant to deal with offenders.

By Douglas Mudambo


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