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Kangema MP asks politicians to stop politicizing revenue allocation formula

Kangema MP Muturi Kigano has told senators to resolve the stalemate surrounding the third generation revenue sharing formula with soberness.

Mr Kigano  cautioned leaders  against  dragging BBI and ‘handshake’ into the debate on how counties will be allocated money this financial year.

Speaking at Kangema Social Hall on Saturday while leading the distribution of  Uwezo funds ,the MP  said  that  the ‘handshake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ODM party leader, Raila Odinga should not blamed for  impasse facing sharing of Sh 316 billion by the devolved units.

Mr Kigano who is the chairperson of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament said there was need for the political class to lower political temperatures and leave the President and Opposition leader Odinga to solve the revenue formula.

“It is inconsequential, unfair and unwarranted for politicians to drag the ‘handshake’ and BBI agenda into the revenue allocation debate,” he said.

The lawmaker added that he had confidence that the two ‘handshake’ partners will difuse the standoff by coming up with a solution that will create a win-win situation for all the 47 counties.

“Both the President and Mr Odinga will in the fullness of time come up with the solution on the revenue allocation formula, politicians should not politicise the matter by reading ‘handshake and BBI agenda,” stated Kigano.

He said the debate on allocation of revenue to counties should be candid based on honesty and not be used as a reason to create disunity and animosity in the country.

BBI, he said, is meant to bring unity in the country and advocate for more resources to counties and thus leaders should be cautious as they blame the BBI for the stalemate rocking revenue distribution.

Kigano’s sentiments came a day after his fellow MPs Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu) Moses Kuria (Gatundu South) and Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira) accused opposition leader Odinga over failure to support the revenue allocation proposal.

“We need a sober, honest and reconciliatory debate on the revenue formulae and the debate should be healthy focusing on enhancing unity as proposed in the BBI,” said Kigano.

Last Tuesday majority of senators voted against the CRA formula advocating revenue to counties to be shared based on population.

Senators from counties in North Eastern and Coastal regions dismissed the formula arguing their counties would get reduced funds if the third-generation revenue formula were adopted.

During the function, Kigano distributed 1,200 NHIF cards to elderly and needy persons amounting Sh7.2 million, and Sh5.8 million distributed to 32 community groups from Uwezo Fund.

By Bernard Munyao

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