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New law Court To Be Established in Karachuonyo

Residents of Karachuonyo Constituency will soon benefit from better services after the government constructs Kendu Bay Law Court at an estimated cost of Sh 3million from the Karachuonyo NG–CDF.

Hesborn Nyakongo a secondary school principal said Rachuonyo North Sub County is very vast, and residents from far West Karachuonyo and East Karachuonyo will now be able to access judicial services with ease.He said it has always been a challenge for the people to access services in Oyugis because its far and expensive, saying that is why they requested for a mobile court to be conducted in the area as they wait for the new law court.

“Now everybody will be able to seek justice because the court is being brought nearer to them,” he said, adding the residents especially the aged and the people who are physically challenged but have issues that need the courts attention can just come to court easily.

Nyakongo thanked the government for heeding to the requests of the people, who have always longed for the court to be in the region.

Judith Akoth who was attending a mobile court on Tuesday at Rachuonyo hall said if the court remained in Oyugis it would be too expensive for them.

She estimated the number of times she had attended court, saying if it was in Oyugis she could have spent over Sh 3,000 for fare alone, but now she just walks to attend court proceedings.

Another resident, Musa Otieno said sometimes they try to have alternative dispute resolutions, but some people do not like it that way, so you have to come to the courts which sometimes is very costly.

“This court, is going to help us because if we can’t agree and resolve our issues with the elders at home, we can easily seek the attention of the court here with ease,” said Otieno who was waiting to follow proceeding over a case involving his daughter in-law.

Since 2016 there have been calls from leaders and the residents for the judiciary to hasten process to have a permanent court in Rachuonyo North Sub County.

They argued that presence of a court in Kendu Bay will also help reduce cost to residents who want to follow up cases at the law courts in Oyugis every day.

In 2018 former Chief Justice David Maraga had promised to build a court in Kendu Bay immediately when land acquisition process was complete.

The CJ had then responded to Mr Adipo Kuome, the Karachuonyo MP who requested him to bring judicial services close to the people in the region.




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