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Kazi mtaani creates platform for change

The government’s Kazi Mtaani initiative has created a platform for the youths who now understand how they could lead better lives even when not in formal employment.

Migori County Youth Director Jonah Akoko while making a statement during Kazi Mtaani stakeholders meeting in Migori town, said life-changing mentorship on entrepreneurship, life skills and dangers of abuse has had a far-reaching positive impact on Migori youths.

He said training on the life-changing areas is done before or after the day work assignments in all areas where Kazi Mataani has been focused.

He said encouraging testimonies on Kazi Mtaani have come out especially in the informal settlement of Oruba within Migori town including Sub Counties of Kuria, Rongo, and Awendo.

Akoko noted that the youths have an opportunity to understand how they could benefit from government procurement, the government concept of Ajira jobs, and general knowledge on good governance and national cohesion.

Apart from the paid work assigned every day to provide a form of social protection after disruption of coronavirus, the youth director confirms that the government wants to build responsible and work-flexible generation youths who can turn simple ideas into ventures that can change live of Kenyans.

According to Akoko, formation of group and dynamics has been emphasized so that attitudes and behavioural pattern of each segment youth group can be understood and directed accordingly.

Akoko has during the daily interaction with the youths on the work programme consistently praised the positive trends where youths can work towards the common good of society.

He maintains that the project has enabled the graduate youths and those without higher academic progress to come together with the objective of improving the society collectively.

Brian Orayo, a Kazi Mtaani beneficiary who owns a computer shop in Migori town details his painful experience on how his business collapsed in the month of May when the government announced restrictions on movement and other related protocols when coronavirus struck.

Orayo says his customers’ base dwindled because there were few activities in public offices and private entities that formed the bulk of his clients. He thanks Kazi Mtaani initiative that saved him.

Brian, 26, who stays with his mother in Migori town says he is the breadwinner of the family, and with the collapse of his business emerged diverse challenges to meet daily needs.

Orayo also thanks the government programme for the mentorship he received from the organizers on the importance of teamwork when given a task.

He says the exposure to several workshops and youth events has enabled him to learn how to source funding to expand his business.

During the launch of Kazi Mtaani in July, Migori County was given 4,000 slots which were distributed within the informal settlement of Migori town, Kuria centers, Awendo and Rongo.

By Geoffrey Satia

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