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KCB partners with Jubilee insurance to launch medical cover

KCB Insurance Agency in collaboration with Jubilee Health Insurance has launched a medical cover designed to provide care to children under 24 years and senior citizens.

A statement to newsrooms indicates that the proposition for children is dubbed KCB Simba Health Junior and caters for children whose parents’ medical insurance scheme limits the number of children on the cover or excludes dependents in a policy. It also takes care of children who do not have an existing medical cover.

KCB Simba Health Senior targets the elderly from 60 years and above and the cover provides access to a wellness package and chronic disease management. This is in realisation that senior citizens face unique and often daunting challenges in finding affordable, high-quality health care. Insurance covers for older people tend to be higher than those of younger people as they are more likely to have chronic conditions and therefore, they are more likely to be denied care when they get sick.

“Simba Health Senior seeks to alleviate these problems by reining in on costs for seniors while creating greater stability and security for the older generation,” said Aggrey Mulumbi, the Managing Director at KCB Insurance Agency.

“Health insurance facilitates access to care and is associated with lower death rates, better health outcomes and improved productivity.

Therefore, this is an opportunity for all citizens across the region to take full advantage and secure their loved one’s health,” Mulumbi added.

Dr Patrick Gatonga the Chief Executive officer at Jubilee Health Insurance noted that young adults are the most underinsured presenting a great opportunity to reach them through flexible and affordable insurance products.

“The future of insurance depends heavily on the ability of industry players to attract the young people to embrace insurance. There is need for all of us to emphasize on affordable and equitable access to good-quality health services for all. With Simba Health Junior, we see this as a step in the right direction towards cushioning our young people against the vagaries of health-related complications,” Gatonga said.

To enhance the experience KCB Simba Health Junior provides additional benefits which are not available with the conventional medical covers including milestones developmental assessments, pre-school health check-ups and wellness programmes, nutrition and diet programmes, teen’s mentorship programmes and wellness clubs.

The insurance covers will address the insurance needs of children and senior citizens across the wide economic strata given the significant increase to escalating costs of medical care.

By Joseph Ng’ang’a

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