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KCSE begins smoothly in Gucha

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations got underway today in Gucha Subcounty, Kisii, with candidates eagerly preparing to take on the challenges of the academic tests. The highly anticipated event commenced at 7 a.m. as examination materials were collected from a secured examination container.

The morning session saw candidates sitting for the Chemistry paper one, while the evening session will feature English paper one. The evening session exams will be collected later in the course of the day, as center managers return examination materials from the morning session to the container.

Local law enforcement authorities, led by Subcounty Police Commander Christine Amaya, affirmed that stringent security measures were in place to ensure a smooth and secure examination period.

“Police are working tirelessly to maintain the integrity of the exams and deter any potential irregularities,” she ascertained.

Subcounty Director of Education, David Akhalea extended his best wishes to all candidates as they embarked on their KSCE journey. He urged teachers to remain vigilant in observing examination regulations to ensure a fair and transparent examination process. Akhalea emphasized the importance of upholding the credibility of the exams and maintaining a level playing field for all students.

As the exams proceed, candidates are expected to focus on their studies and adhere to the rules and regulations of the examination process. The local community, parents, and educators are all encouraged to provide the necessary support and encouragement to help the candidates excel in their examinations.

The KCSE examinations are a crucial milestone in the educational journey of every Kenyan student, determining their future academic and career paths.

The success of the examination process in Gucha Subcounty, Kisii, and across the country is essential for the educational advancement and prospects of the candidates.

By Misheba Alfred

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