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KENAFF challenges County government to focus also on food production

The Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) wants farmers to be supported to ensure sustainable food production as the fight against coronavirus continues.
The organisation argues that farmers should be encouraged to put more efforts in their agricultural activities to avert possible food shortage in future.
Speaking to KNA on Monday, Homa Bay branch KENAFF chairperson Phoebe Anyango urged the county government to focus on how there would be food security post covid-19 pandemic.
Anyango argued that food is a necessity to human life, noting that Homa Bay department of agriculture should also concentrate on food production as they combat the virus.
“We commend Homa Bay government for efforts and measures it has put in place to curb possible spread of the deadly coronvirus disease. But let’s also have enough food for our people to avoid poverty,” Anyango said.
Anyango further told the area residents to take advantage of the ongoing rains to embark on farming.
At the same time Anyango reiterated that farmers in Ndhiwa, Kabondo Kasipul and Suba South and some parts of Rangwe areas should be supported to produce adequate food.
She said the areas are the food baskets in Homa Bay.
Ndhiwa and Suba regions are known for maize and sorghum farming while Kabondo Kasipul produces sweet potatoes and cassavas. A number of Rangwe farmers grow pineapples and other fruits.
“Let the county government engage farmers in these areas to ensure no fertile land lies fallow. The farmers need to be given standards seeds and other farming incentives,” she added.
Consequently, Anyango challenged the county government to set aside funds for supporting farming activities in Homa Bay, “its high time Homa Bay government focused on how it can feed her residents without depending on relief food. The county is capable of producing enough food for its people,” the chairperson said.
However contacted for comments, County Executive committee member for Agriculture Aguko Juma said that there is delay in procurement process of some incentives they had planned for farmers.
Aguko said that they are working how they will help Homa Bay famers next planting season.
“Procurement process for seeds and other farm inputs has delayed this year. We encourage our people to continue farming as individuals so they don’t lack food,” Juma said.
By Dan Oduor and Davis Langat

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