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KeNHA to construct footpaths from Sigalagala to Khayega

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) will construct footpaths along the hot spot Sigalagala- Khayega Highway, to avert increasing cases of road accidents.

Majority of students from the Sigalagala National Polytechnic trek along the road to Khayega, where they reside, risk being hit by vehicles.

The construction of the footpaths, will be used by pedestrians, especially students who fall victims to road accidents in the area considered densely populated.

The footpaths will be a relief to most of them in addition to sharp bumps that were recently erected to slow down notorious motorists who overlooked smooth bumps along the Highway, while overspending.

Accidents have been common along the route as Kakamega County Commissioner, John Otieno, asks motorists not to be overexcited due to the smooth nature of roads to over-speed.

He said the government has improved road networks in the region and expects motorists and other road users to be disciplined while utilizing the projects meant to improve transportation.

The County Commissioner, who chairs the Kakamega County Development Coordination and Implementation Committee, was informed during a site visit to the road by an official from KeNHA, Wycliffe Munala that cases of accidents have reduced since the erection of sharp bumps.

Kiosks along the road reserve will also be demolished along the stretch, to enhance clear visibility of the area by road users both motorists and pedestrians as they approach the Sigalagala junction.

During the site visit which included other road projects undertaken by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURRA), the County Commissioner noted that the government was keen to ensure that projects are completed on time for residents to utilize them.

By Moses Wekesa


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