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East African Breweries Ltd Relaunches Whisky

Kenya Breweries Ltd has warned its customers to be wary of unscrupulous traders who are using the company’s branded bottles to repackage illicit brews.

Kenya Breweries Ltd MrDowell’s Whiskey Brand Manager Rose Makau addressing bar owners in Embu during the relaunch of the spirit on Friday. Photo by Kimani Tirus

While relaunching MrDowell’s Whisky in Embu, KBL Innovations Manager Faith Nyambura said the spirit brand has been competitively priced to attract customers likely to be targeted  by illicit brews.

The Innovations Manager observed that the brand is a blended whisky which is currently the most affordable in the market and of high quality.

Nyambura said that the MrDowell’s Whisky is an international brand and is not new in the market only that they are relaunching it with a reduced price and adjusted 250ml and 750ml packaging.

She said KBL has been producing quality brands which are safe to its clients adding that they are working closely with the government to ensure safety of their customers. The Innovations Manager who was speaking to selected bar owners across the county has urged the clients to access the company’s brands at authentic outlets to avoid consumption of illicit brews.

She appreciated Mt. Kenya Region for been the largest consumer of the KBL brands adding that they are targeting Embu County as the springboard for marketing the new brand.

Nyambura further observed that the department of regulation at KBL is working closely with the government to ensure the KBL products in bars are authentic adding that those found with illegal brands purported to be from the company will be apprehended and prosecuted.

The manager noted the company has been promoting farmers who produce ingredients which are used by the company in producing its brands.

On effect of Covid-19 pandemic, Nyambura said beer businesses have been adversely affected across the country through reduced business operating hours.

She added that the company is negotiating with the government for relaxation of the current working hours which will boost the businesses.

By Kimani Tirus

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