Kenya Cardiac Society to partner with Kilifi County to combat diseases

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The  Kenyan Cardiac Society is to partner with Kilifi County government in combating non communicable diseases which have been on the rise owing to poor lifestyles among the locals.

According to surveys conducted in the recent past, diseases on the increase in the area included cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr. Lilian  Mbau  from Kenya Cardiac Society says these diseases were being caused by change in lifestyle among members of the community.

She  added the society is working in collaboration with Kilifi County government to sensitize communities at the grassroots level where the people tended to believe the diseases were being caused by witchcraft.

Dr. Mbau who had paid a courtesy call in the county offices dealing with the diseases explained that youth aged between 18 and 30 years were in the danger of contracting the diseases throughout the country due to excess luxuries like smoking, drinking and eating modern foods.

The  County Non-Communicable diseases Supervisor, Ms. Grace  Baya  said cases of cancer and diabetes being reported daily have been alarming in the recent past disclosing that at least five new cases of cancer were being diagnosed weekly at the Kilifi and Malindi referral hospitals.

“We have launched vigorous campaigns to sensitize the public especially at the grassroots after realizing that people who get the diseases visit traditional healers for help until the diseases are at a late stage when they visit health institutions,” she said.

She  called for support from non-governmental organizations and local health support organizations in the sensitization effort that would make the community change and also understand the dangers of the emerging killer diseases.

By  Harrison Yeri

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