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Kenya Film Commission is rolling out resources centres across the counties

The  Kenya Film Commission (KFC) is rolling out fully equipped film resources centres across all the counties to facilitate film production.

In a film stakeholders forum in Embu  on Tuesday, the KFC Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Owase said the purpose of rolling out the resources centres is to facilitate graduates from various film schools to access equipment for film production.

“Equipment for film production is expensive and they are not accessible to newly trained graduates in film production; the establishment of the centres will help these youths to access them freely to actualize their training,” noted Owase.

He also observed that KFC, in its effort to nurture upcoming talents at an early age, was rolling out capacity development programmes in secondary schools by establishing film clubs.

Owase said through introducing film clubs in secondary schools, the students talented in creative art would identify their talent early which would give them a clear direction on the career to pursue.

The CEO further noted that the Kenya Film Commission would be facilitating film makers with funding to actualize their project through film empowerment program.

He said KFC has set aside Sh.25 million for funding film industry where film makers were expected to present their business plans and the commission would fund half of the budget if approved.

On piracy, Owase pointed out that the Commission in partnership with Kenya Copyright Board was sensitizing the public on the need to buy original content.

“We will soon start screening films in every county and this will reduce piracy in the country hence the film makers will start benefitting from their sweat,” added Mr. Owase.

The  Embu County Executive Member in charge of  Youth, Dr. Joan Mwende said his county in conjunction with the KFC  Embu  would establish Embu Film Production Centre where the devolved government has already committed about Sh.200 million.

Dr. Mwende pointed out that the county government would also roll out film screening in all the county wards for the films produced in the county as a way of show casing positive production of the youths in Embu.

She encouraged the youths to venture into creative art especially in film industry since it was more of a talent rather than academic.

Caroline Njeri, one of the beneficiaries of a training on film production facilitated by Kenya Film Commission said that through the training, she was able produce a short film dubbed ‘Binti Nyanya’ featuring shortage of tomatoes which has facilitated her to get a job after it went viral.

Njeri has encouraged the youth to use social media platforms positively and productively and avoid in engaging in counterproductive vices.

The  KFC had brought on board stakeholders in film industry such as Department of film Services, Kenya Film Classification Board and Kenya Copyright Board among others.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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