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Kenyan Pastor ordained as Bishop for International Fellowship for Christ Churches in East Africa

Hundreds of faithful and friends of International Fellowship for Christ Church (IFC) fraternity on Saturday thronged the Church Headquarters in Buruburu estate of Nairobi County to witness the ordination of Bishop John Anyangu Waka.
The colorful occasion was witnessed by a multitude of the dwellers of the sprawling Jericho estate in Eastlands where the Bishop was born and grew up. His zeal and passion for service was noted by the church eldership that appointed him as an Assistant Pastor at a tender age (22 years) while a High school student.
Jubilant residents who braved the morning showers were attracted to the occasion by a convoy of vehicles that snaked from his childhood estate to the church in the neighbouring estate.
It was preceded by a chariot that was pulled by a horse and they were bemused that one of their own had risen to the highest echelon of the religious institution that has transformed many young people.
More than 70 vehicles which chauffeured relatives, friends and religious leaders from more than 400 local and international churches headed to Buruburu IFC Church for the long awaited ceremony.
In his acceptance speech, Bishop Waka (61) promised that he would not get drunk with power. “As I accept this God given responsibility to lead this flock, I will not allow power to get into my head,” he remarked as he was blessed with the holy oil that drained his new gown.
He told those present that he would serve with humility and purpose to ensure that he saves more souls and bring them to the fold towards a heavenly abode.
According to his bibliography which was delivered to the congregation by Pastor Dr. Isaiah Onjala, Bishop John Waka has an MBA, Post Graduate Degree in Economics (B.Phil.), and B.A Degree Economics both from the University of Nairobi.
In addition, he said the Bishop has attained various certificates in Bible Ministry and Theology from recognized institutions within the country and without. He has also been privileged in the corporate world to attend various leadership and management program in Europe and South East Asia, in particular Malaysia.
Upon graduating from the University, Bishop John Waka kicked off his career by joining the Ministry of Planning and National Development as an Economist (Planning Officer) at Treasury Building. As a result of his exemplary work performance, he rose in ranks up to the position of Principal Economist, a position that is revered by many to this day. He served in the civil service for four years.
Bishop Waka later got an opportunity to join World Vision International, Africa Regional Office as a Junior Manager and in a year’s time was promoted to the position of Associate Director in Human Resources Management Division, World Vision, Africa Region Office based in Nairobi.
He was able to traverse the entire African continent except Libya, Algeria and Tunisia, while discharging his duties.
Bishop Waka also worked in various International and local companies as a human resource director among them Standard Chartered, FKE and I & M Bank.
IFC Church initially had its services held in Jericho TV room with a membership of twenty people, the majority who were children. In the later years, Sister Mary Smith was seconded to Kenya by Pastor Hebert Green, who had a long association with the church those years.
Sister Mary proved to be a force to reckon. She nurtured the young Bishop in his Christian faith and belief. This is the foundation that enabled him to grow steadily and develop a passion for ministry.
After maturing in ministry, Bishop heard the call to launch out to street meetings in Nairobi and its environs. IFC got to be known as a church on the street. They held many meetings opposite Hodi Hodi Bar in Ofafa Maringo, Uhuru Estate open field, Makadara, Hamza and Mbotela estates in Eastlands.
As result of these meetings, the membership of the church drastically increased and the TV room turned out to be small to contain the increased numbers. Later, the church moved to the main Social Hall.
Bishop Waka held several roles in the growing fellowship, among them being the Head of the Evangelistic Team, In charge of the Choir, Youth Leader, Main Interpreter and an Usher.
Bishop Waka held various positions in the church from the time he was chosen to be an Assistant Pastor in 1982. He rose to be Pastor in 1990 and to the position of Senior Pastor in 2004. The man of the cloth has worked as an Assistant Secretary General and finally Secretary General in IFC; in the last 40 years. He is married to Rose and they have four adult children.
Currently, he is the Chairman of the IFC Executive Board, a position he was appointed on in 2017 and Bishop of Nairobi Region. He was ordained as Presiding Bishop for International Fellowship for Christ Churches in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo and Burundi, areas that the ministry has penetrated for about 5 decades.
Members of the church surprised him with a gift of a brand new motor vehicle that would aid him in his mobility as he conducts home and hospital chaplaincy. He appreciated them for the gift and promised to reach out to all in need as he has done even prior to the ordination.
Bishop Waka took over the leadership of the church from Bishop Emmanuel Karisa of IFC Mombasa who was the first Bishop for a period of 10 years. His predecessor advised him to be patient, accept criticism and be ready to protect divinity at all costs.
By Lydia Shiroya

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